Tips for Buying a Great Corporate Gift

Getting a gift is easy, but getting the right gift that will send the right message to the receiver is very challenging. Corporate gifts are very important during a certain time of the year. You want to gift your clients, managers, new vendors and employees, and any other person who has made your business a success. It is important that you pick the right gift because one wrong move leads to the gift being thrown away in the trash can. Below are some tips that will help you to select the best corporate gift.

Select a gift that will last

When selecting a corporate gift, go for the gift that will last. This does not mean that you go out of your budget to get the most expensive gift or a gift that will sit on the wall and collect dust. Be creative with the kind of gift that you want to give. For instance, you can get a monthly subscription basket for your employees that they can share around the office for the whole year. This shows the employees that you care about them and for the whole year, they will be reminded of how thoughtful you were. As a result, they will be more than motivated and will work towards giving good results to the company.

Check your Corporate Policies

Before you get any corporate gift, ensure that you check your corporate policies first. In addition to that, the gift that you have settled to get should not violate any of the policies. If possible, check with the recipient of the gift before getting them the gift, to determine if there are any limitations regarding the gift that you want to give. This helps them not to return the gift because it has violated the corporate policies.

Make the gift Personal

Remember that everyone wants to be in business with companies that they know care about them. For this reason, ensure that you select a gift that will portray exactly that to the recipient. It is better to give this gift in person, but if you are unable to do that, then you can write a personal note to the recipient, explaining why you thought that was the best gift for him or her. This special effort goes a long way and clearly shows your intentions.

Give Gifts Unexpectedly

There are different seasons such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day when most people are sure of getting gifts. This has become so common as people look at it as a routine and not something special. When you are getting a corporate gift, get the gift to the recipient when they least expected it. This makes your gift stand out and gives a lasting impression. For instance, since most gifts are given during special occasions, you can give yours in January when there is no occasion. This will not only feel special to the recipient, but it will also act as a New Year’s starter.  They will be in a good mood to start the year and this positivity will go a long way throughout the whole year.

Know what the Client Wants or Likes

Getting the perfect gift for a corporate client is very challenging especially if you have no idea what they want. The best way to go about this is to ask them indirectly. For instance, if you are planning to buy a gift for your corporate client, then you can have a general conversation with them to inquire about their hobbies and about the things that they like. This gives you an idea of what to get when you have to buy gifts for them. When you are ready, you will know the perfect gift to get for them.

Get something that is of Great Use

Another tip for buying a great corporate gift is to get a gift that can be used daily. This gift can either be a solution to a long-term problem in the company or be effective in decision-making. Always remember to get a gift that has usefulness in it. Instead of getting a one-night dinner experience, get a bigger printing machine to replace the small one that drags everyone behind. This is a long-term gift and is of great use in the company.

Take note of differences in Culture

You also need to consider cultural differences since not everyone you are working with is from the same country with the same cultures. Each country has its own cultural beliefs hence different rules when it comes to corporate gift buying. Ensure that you clearly understand these cultural differences so that your gift is not miscommunicated to mean something else other than that which you intended.

Find a gift that is Practical

Instead of buying something that is going to be unused, and will stay on the shelf for years, get something that the recipient will be eager to use every day. For example, if your recipient is a huge fan of fruit juice, then you can get a gift in the form of a blender or a water bottle that is also a blender. This makes it very easy and convenient for the recipient in that when she wants a fruit juice, she will put different fruits of her choice in the water bottle + blender and blend the juice instantly. In addition to that, this type of gift is perfect since they can use it anywhere even when taking a bus to work.

In summary, getting the perfect corporate gift can be very challenging especially if you do not put some important factors into consideration. Finding the best corporate gift means that you have to know the needs and wants of the recipient, make the gift personal, select one that will last for long, and check the corporate policies to avoid violating any rules. Therefore, with the above tips, selecting the best corporate gift has been made easier for you.

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