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Camera CufflinksLet’s face it– it’s nearly impossible to update the suit– coat, tie, pants, shirt, no matter how you look at it– you’re wearing a uniform with little variation on the theme. Loud, ridiculous ties are out of the question, and wing tips– that’s great, if you want to look like Duckie from Pretty in Pink. What’s left? Cufflinks. The equivalent to a woman’s earrings, cuff links add a little somethin’ somethin’ to an otherwise endless stream of neutrals flowing in and out of the Starbucks. These camera cufflinks are truly stylish– they are handmade! The image of the shutter camera is so classic– these sterling silver cufflinks by Debbie Howe add sharpness and detail that people will notice, say, during that make-or-break presentation in front of the boss– commanding, but not too flashy, you know? You’ll look crazy sophisticated– even if you don’t know the difference between Muybridge and Mapplethorpe. Besides, you can tell the office mail room guy that the cameras are REAL. Go ahead. I dare ya.

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