Fossil Dakota Messenger Bag

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FossilbagTGIF. It’s a big deal in my office. I mean, a BIG DEAL. After wearing a monkey suit all week, it’s kind of refreshing to dress down. But I realized last week that I looked kinda ridiculous carrying my take-no-prisoners power brief case to work while sporting my casual slacks, and my favorite football polo shirt (I told you, Casual Friday is a BIG DEAL).

So, I bought this awesome messenger bag by Fossil. I swear, the thing makes me look younger. It’s a rich, milk chocolate leather bag with a barber of seville-thick leather strap that’s not going to roll up on you or anything. It’s got a good-sized front pocket and a roomy interior section. It clicks shut AND those front-locking straps are REAL– the bag doesn’t just click shut– this is not the 80s. Everything is functional on this thing. You can jam your lunch, your reports, and your a portable shaving kick in there. This is a man’s man-bag, I mean this isn’t some silly tote bag– look at it– it looks like it was taken care of like a relic and handed down to you. I usually don’t get all warm inside about accessories, but that top stitching and the old school hardware on this thing makes me feel like a hard-boiled reporter– like one of those classic detectives in old black and white movies who could do anything. Anything!

Every man’s got to have a dream.

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