The Reader’s Stand

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Yeah, so I’m a piler. I’ve got piles of stuff here, piles of stuff there. It’s all organized, I know where everything is. Plus, it’s pretty much all in my man room. I have very few things lying about the house.

One place that I need to fix is in the bedroom. I like to read, so I always have a pile on the floor of the things I’m working on. And the wife hates it. I’m afraid however that if I move the stuff and put it away, I won’t return to it, and simply won’t read. Which arguably is a much worse thing. Now if your guy is like me, here’s an idea that could help.

Take a look at The Reader’s Stand It’s kind of like a vertical book case perfect as a bedside table or right next to his favorite chair. He can keep all those reading materials neat and off the floor, but he still maintains his unique organization.

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