Gifts For Men: Two Sided Club Brush With Handle

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Two Sided Club BrushThis beautiful ACE Club Brush is just like the one grandpa used to use.  It’s hard to find quality like that these days.  But here it is.  With firm bristles on one side and soft bristles on the other, he can get the look he wants in a snap.  It works great for short hair.  And, it’s perfect for whatever style he’s looking to achieve.  This brush is so versatile.

Two Sided Club BrushThe handle makes it even easier to get that perfect style.  But, if he prefers no handle, we’ve got a club brush with no handle, too.  Either way, this makes a unique, quality gift for men.  And at our prices, you get great value as well!  In fact, at these prices, you can get them both and he can see if he prefers the handle or not.

These bristles also help maintain healthy hair because they help to distribute the oil along the hair shaft.  And healthy hair is handsome hair!

I’ve also seen these kinds of brushes used by executives to clean lint and hair from their suits (using the soft bristle side).  The brushes are so versatile and easy to use.  And with so many uses, they really are a great gift for anyone.  He’ll see why they’re a classic and timeless brush that has stood the test of time.  They’ll soon be his favorite brushes and he’ll use them for years to come.  With quality like this, they’ll last a long, long time!

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