Shiny Yo-Yo Makes Great Gift for Men

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shiny yo-yoThis shiny yo-yo is the perfect gift for any man.  It’s lots of fun, and did I mention it’s shiny?  Guys love shiny things.  And when you can play with them, that’s even better.  Plus, it’s got his name on it, so he won’t give it away to someone else.  After a while, he’ll be showing you how he can “walk the dog” and go “around the world”.  Yo-yo’s are one of the most addictive toys.  You always think you can do it just a bit better if you just try it one more time.

One time, my sister came to visit me in Boston.  She had come from Idaho all the way to Boston with my parents in their car.  She had a yo-yo and she practiced it every time they stopped.  (I think she may have even practiced in the car!)  Anyway, when she got to Boston, she was pretty good with her yo-yo and was doing all kinds of tricks.  Of course, as soon as my sons saw this, they all wanted a turn to show what they could do.  It instantly became a super yo-yo competition and it was the most popular toy for the whole visit.  My dad was pretty good with it, too.  Which proves you’re never too old to play with a yo-yo.

So, just try and get him to put it down after you give it to him.  It may take a while.  You may want to serve the cake before you open the presents.

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