Cabin Sign Makes Perfect Gift For Him

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cabin sign: gifts for himWhen I was a kid, we used to always go to my grandma and grandpa’s log cabin.  It was made by hand and everything was a work of art.  There were wagon wheel lamps with wooden chains holding them up.  The loft had a ladder to climb in and out.  It was all rustic.  Even the heating system was one of a kind–a wood burning stove in the cellar would heat air that came through a grate on the floor.  Grandpa would wake up early and start the fire so that we could be warm when we woke up.  I loved going there and will always have fond memories of visiting them and seeing the great workmanship in their cabin.

This sign would have fit perfectly in that cabin.  I can just imagine it hanging by the door.  If I were to build a cabin like Grandpa’s, I would want a sign like this to complete the look.  It reminds me of all the fishing we used to do and the wood that was everywhere I looked when we visited Grandpa’s cabin.

This Walleye Cabin sign can be personalized with your family name and whatever else you want it to say.  It will fit right in to make any place feel like a cabin in the woods.  Here’s to living life and making the most of it.  That’s what Grandpa did.

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